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Pets known to local residents

Pets in almost every family. They show character, everyone has their own habits,they are faithful and loyal, they become real friends of man, and many owners say about their Pets as full family members. The reporter decided to find out what animals were friends of famous people of Ulyanovsk. SBV Deputy Vasily Gvozdev and his […]

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Doberman pet shop

In sickness and in health. ICB no one likes to be sick. The feeling of weakness, fever or worse – a sharp pain…Even adults do not just deal with this unpleasant condition, to say nothing of defenseless animals. The suffering of these fragile and used. The company Acana presented a new formula dry food Company […]

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Stray attacking dogs.

Stray dogs for a long time are one of the urgent problems of our city. The attitude towards animals is different. Some people hate them and need to shoot, other pity, fed and go to the authorities with a request to create shelters for domestic Pets. In any case, from meeting with them are not […]


Transport of animals disease

Transport disease (road fever, road disease) is one of the common types of stress that occur in an animal during its transport in summer, rail, water or road. Get sick more often in-calf cow, at least the pigs and horses. Etiology . Cause stressful conditions of animals is to transport them over large distances directly from the […]

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Super smart animals

The main question of today’s article: who are the most intelligent animals on our planet. And we will try to answer it. For starters, determine exactly who will we be considered animals. In everyday life, people somehow believe animals only four-legged terrestrial vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians or mammals). This is not quite correct, as science defines […]

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Undemanding pet

What is the most undemanding pet for the content? If you have asked yourself this question, we must first think: “What does the animal do you need?”. If you decide to have undemanding pet due to time constraints, he, in this case, will be lonely, and living together will bring great joy to you or […]