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Pets known to local residents

Pets in almost every family. They show character, everyone has their own habits,they are faithful and loyal, they become real friends of man, and many owners say about their Pets as full family members. The reporter decided to find out what animals were friends of famous people of Ulyanovsk. SBV Deputy Vasily Gvozdev and his […]

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Unusual Pets

In our world it happens that brothers are born not such as all others. Our Mother Nature seems to be everything, but here there are failures. It concerns and animals, and us people. Just as there are extraordinary people with disabilities, and unusual Pets. I have already touched the theme about animals with disabilities. been […]

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9 reasons to have a pet

To take from a shelter a dog or cat is not only a good thing. According to the Huffington Post. scientists have found that animals have a beneficial influence on the lives and health of their owners. So what is help people “brothers our smaller”? As shown by a study published in the Journal of […]

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What kind of pet to give your child?

In the first place . you should try to find out whether the kid wants, so he has some puppy or kitten. You need as clear as possible to explain to the child that the pet is not a toy but a living being, for which to care. If it turns out that the desire […]


Breeds of cats with a tiger color.

Fans of exotic animals will be interested in tiger cats.Tiger cats are both wild animals and domesticated. Most of the breeds are artificially produced and they cost tens of thousands.The color of the coat of the species is similar to that of a tiger, the coat is covered with stripes or spots. Tiger-colored cats are […]


10 science-based reasons to have a cat.

If you want health and ease, take a cat. Every day. In maximum doses.They are soft, fluffy, playful, they have luxurious tails and a soothing rolling purr. Even photos or videos with cats can instantly boost your mood! But Lifehacker found several more serious reasons to become a cat owner as soon as possible. The […]