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Than and how to feed a Rottweiler puppy and adult dog?

Rottweiler — good ability to train, smart defender. This breed has the power and ability to protect. Because it requires regular exercise and specific approach to nutrition. Feeding the Rottweiler has its own characteristics. Such a dog must have muscle definition and it is impossible to overfeed, and the majority of Rottweilers has a good […]

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Unusual Pets

In our world it happens that brothers are born not such as all others. Our Mother Nature seems to be everything, but here there are failures. It concerns and animals, and us people. Just as there are extraordinary people with disabilities, and unusual Pets. I have already touched the theme about animals with disabilities. been […]

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How to feed a puppy

Special attention should be paid to feeding the puppy in the first year of his life. It was at this time formed its bones, teeth, coat, OST, scent. From the lack of full products developing rickets, formed the wrong size paws, the coat becomes dull and ceases to Shine. For dogs the same size or […]

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Stray attacking dogs.

Stray dogs for a long time are one of the urgent problems of our city. The attitude towards animals is different. Some people hate them and need to shoot, other pity, fed and go to the authorities with a request to create shelters for domestic Pets. In any case, from meeting with them are not […]

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The basics of proper feeding of a Labrador

Each period of life of a pet is characterized by a certain intensity of metabolic processes, consequently changing the qualitative composition of the diet. Do not feed the animal the same growing and aging, sick and healthy. In compiling the diet should be considered a physiological condition of the animal (age, pregnancy, lactation, physical activity, […]

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9 reasons to have a pet

To take from a shelter a dog or cat is not only a good thing. According to the Huffington Post. scientists have found that animals have a beneficial influence on the lives and health of their owners. So what is help people “brothers our smaller”? As shown by a study published in the Journal of […]

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What kind of pet to give your child?

In the first place . you should try to find out whether the kid wants, so he has some puppy or kitten. You need as clear as possible to explain to the child that the pet is not a toy but a living being, for which to care. If it turns out that the desire […]