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How to feed a puppy

Special attention should be paid to feeding the puppy in the first year of his life. It was at this time formed its bones, teeth, coat, OST, scent. From the lack of full products developing rickets, formed the wrong size paws, the coat becomes dull and ceases to Shine. For dogs the same size or […]

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Super smart animals

The main question of today’s article: who are the most intelligent animals on our planet. And we will try to answer it. For starters, determine exactly who will we be considered animals. In everyday life, people somehow believe animals only four-legged terrestrial vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians or mammals). This is not quite correct, as science defines […]

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How and What to feed Toy Terrier

It is logical that after buying a puppy (or better yet to buy), you face the question: What to feed the Terrier? THE FIRST FEW DAYS TO FEED A PUPPY TOY TERRIER SHOULD BE ONLY WHAT HE ATE ,LIVING WITH THE BREEDER. The MAIN RULE of feeding TOYA should know each: You must choose ONLY […]