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Infectious diseases of animals

The basis of treatment of infectious diseases is a profound understanding of the physician changes in the patient’s body under the influence of an infectious agent. Treatment of infectious patients requires veterinary specialist not only deep theoretical training and work experience, but also the ability to interpret a variety of clinical signs and laboratory results. […]

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Than and how to feed a Rottweiler puppy and adult dog?

Rottweiler — good ability to train, smart defender. This breed has the power and ability to protect. Because it requires regular exercise and specific approach to nutrition. Feeding the Rottweiler has its own characteristics. Such a dog must have muscle definition and it is impossible to overfeed, and the majority of Rottweilers has a good […]

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Guinea pigs

Absolutely safe animals does not happen! There is neither “free” nor “easy” nor those who “do not mind”, nor those who don’t need to remove. And rodents can be carriers of infectious diseases. The culprits of allergic reactions. They make noise and smell, yell and fight, and bite mark, bite and run away, fall in […]

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Pets known to local residents

Pets in almost every family. They show character, everyone has their own habits,they are faithful and loyal, they become real friends of man, and many owners say about their Pets as full family members. The reporter decided to find out what animals were friends of famous people of Ulyanovsk. SBV Deputy Vasily Gvozdev and his […]

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Doberman pet shop

In sickness and in health. ICB no one likes to be sick. The feeling of weakness, fever or worse – a sharp pain…Even adults do not just deal with this unpleasant condition, to say nothing of defenseless animals. The suffering of these fragile and used. The company Acana presented a new formula dry food Company […]

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Unusual Pets

In our world it happens that brothers are born not such as all others. Our Mother Nature seems to be everything, but here there are failures. It concerns and animals, and us people. Just as there are extraordinary people with disabilities, and unusual Pets. I have already touched the theme about animals with disabilities. been […]

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How to feed a puppy

Special attention should be paid to feeding the puppy in the first year of his life. It was at this time formed its bones, teeth, coat, OST, scent. From the lack of full products developing rickets, formed the wrong size paws, the coat becomes dull and ceases to Shine. For dogs the same size or […]