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Stray attacking dogs.

Stray dogs for a long time are one of the urgent problems of our city. The attitude towards animals is different. Some people hate them and need to shoot, other pity, fed and go to the authorities with a request to create shelters for domestic Pets. In any case, from meeting with them are not […]


Stars and their unusual Pets

The most popular and most unusual pet in Hollywood for a long time remained a pig of George Clooney Max. Max has lived at star master 18. George Clooney was very upset by the death of a pet in 2006, because Max was not just a pet – actor considered him a true friend. Hog […]

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The basics of proper feeding of a Labrador

Each period of life of a pet is characterized by a certain intensity of metabolic processes, consequently changing the qualitative composition of the diet. Do not feed the animal the same growing and aging, sick and healthy. In compiling the diet should be considered a physiological condition of the animal (age, pregnancy, lactation, physical activity, […]


Tips for safety of Pets

With the help of modern solutions (protection for electrical outlets, locks for lockers and so on) today, you can easily make your home safe for children. But what about our furry and feathered family members? The safety of dogs, cats and other Pets is also important. Creating a safe environment for Pets does not require […]


Transport of animals disease

Transport disease (road fever, road disease) is one of the common types of stress that occur in an animal during its transport in summer, rail, water or road. Get sick more often in-calf cow, at least the pigs and horses. Etiology . Cause stressful conditions of animals is to transport them over large distances directly from the […]

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Super smart animals

The main question of today’s article: who are the most intelligent animals on our planet. And we will try to answer it. For starters, determine exactly who will we be considered animals. In everyday life, people somehow believe animals only four-legged terrestrial vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians or mammals). This is not quite correct, as science defines […]

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9 reasons to have a pet

To take from a shelter a dog or cat is not only a good thing. According to the Huffington Post. scientists have found that animals have a beneficial influence on the lives and health of their owners. So what is help people “brothers our smaller”? As shown by a study published in the Journal of […]