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What kind of pet to give your child?

In the first place . you should try to find out whether the kid wants, so he has some puppy or kitten. You need as clear as possible to explain to the child that the pet is not a toy but a living being, for which to care. If it turns out that the desire […]

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All dog breeds, the care and maintenance of puppy

In our catalog you will always be able to find any you are interested in all breeds of dogs. Here are small breeds of dogs. which can easily be kept even in small apartments. Any hunter can find the right puppy, and in the future a faithful and reliable friend in the middle section of […]

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Dog training in home

Dog training is one responsibility of owners towards their Pets and dog training at home is an exciting experience that brings the owner and his ward. Many novice dog owners mistakenly believe that their pet is the smartest and obedient by nature and no training they don’t need. But it is absolutely wrong point of […]

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Undemanding pet

What is the most undemanding pet for the content? If you have asked yourself this question, we must first think: “What does the animal do you need?”. If you decide to have undemanding pet due to time constraints, he, in this case, will be lonely, and living together will bring great joy to you or […]


Are you ready to have a pet?

Many of us dream to have a pet. Your little friend, that I can play with and who will always understand. You want to have your pet? Let’s check if you are really ready for this? Take this test and find out! 1. Before you have a pet, you need to think about where it will […]

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Puppy care Yorkshire Terrier

You have a puppy Yorkshire Terrier This is a joyous occasion, and it is necessary to prepare in advance. First you need to take care about the place where you will place the puppy. This must be the place is not on the walkway and not in the draft, the same should not be located […]

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How and What to feed Toy Terrier

It is logical that after buying a puppy (or better yet to buy), you face the question: What to feed the Terrier? THE FIRST FEW DAYS TO FEED A PUPPY TOY TERRIER SHOULD BE ONLY WHAT HE ATE ,LIVING WITH THE BREEDER. The MAIN RULE of feeding TOYA should know each: You must choose ONLY […]