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Dog training in home

Dog training is one responsibility of owners towards their Pets and dog training at home is an exciting experience that brings the owner and his ward. Many novice dog owners mistakenly believe that their pet is the smartest and obedient by nature and no training they don’t need. But it is absolutely wrong point of […]

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How and What to feed Toy Terrier

It is logical that after buying a puppy (or better yet to buy), you face the question: What to feed the Terrier? THE FIRST FEW DAYS TO FEED A PUPPY TOY TERRIER SHOULD BE ONLY WHAT HE ATE ,LIVING WITH THE BREEDER. The MAIN RULE of feeding TOYA should know each: You must choose ONLY […]

dog pets training

The training of dogs

Dog training in Moscow, raising and training puppies in Moscow, services of dog handlers for dog training in home in Moscow, the training of dogs for different purposes. The majority of dog owners are turning to dog trainers for services on training, I would like to count on a good or even excellent results of […]