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How to feed a puppy

Special attention should be paid to feeding the puppy in the first year of his life. It was at this time formed its bones, teeth, coat, OST, scent. From the lack of full products developing rickets, formed the wrong size paws, the coat becomes dull and ceases to Shine. For dogs the same size or […]


Tips for safety of Pets

With the help of modern solutions (protection for electrical outlets, locks for lockers and so on) today, you can easily make your home safe for children. But what about our furry and feathered family members? The safety of dogs, cats and other Pets is also important. Creating a safe environment for Pets does not require […]

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Undemanding pet

What is the most undemanding pet for the content? If you have asked yourself this question, we must first think: “What does the animal do you need?”. If you decide to have undemanding pet due to time constraints, he, in this case, will be lonely, and living together will bring great joy to you or […]


Are you ready to have a pet?

Many of us dream to have a pet. Your little friend, that I can play with and who will always understand. You want to have your pet? Let’s check if you are really ready for this? Take this test and find out! 1. Before you have a pet, you need to think about where it will […]