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9 reasons to have a pet

To take from a shelter a dog or cat is not only a good thing. According to the Huffington Post. scientists have found that animals have a beneficial influence on the lives and health of their owners. So what is help people “brothers our smaller”?

As shown by a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology . pet owners feel much more confident. Much less common common phobias, but increases the level of openness and sociability.

Say goodbye to allergies

There is a myth that animals cause allergies. However, scientists are convinced in reverse – if a child in your house lived a cat or dog, the risk of acquiring allergies is reduced by 50 %.

Scientists conducted an experiment in which they subjected a test group of random people negative social impact. After that, those subjects who had pet, was asked to talk about it. As a result this part of the group showed the absence of negative emotions, demonstrating the love of life and optimism.

To get rid of feelings of loneliness

Simultaneously with the increase of self-esteem Pets reduce feelings of loneliness in the host. The presence of dogs, according to the researchers, gives us the same sense of importance,as the presence of friends. However, this does not mean that a man doesn’t need anybody. On the contrary, pet owner and is also seeking to communicate with their own kind.

  • Studies have also shown that pet owners feel support from them not less than from loved ones.
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  • Animals help us to live

Animals are attracted to other people. Contrary to popular stories about lonely women with 12 cats studies show that pet owners are much easier to make acquaintances. Those who often walk their dogs, and know for yourself that the conversation with another pet owner sometimes starts by itself.

To fight hypertension

The presence of a pet helps lower blood pressure. And it’s a scientific fact. Scientists conducted the test by smashing people with high blood pressure into two groups. One of them use traditional medicines, and the other communicated with their Pets. The result is a more stable AD showed those who kept a cat or dog.

To take a pet from a shelter is the best thing you can do for him and for myself. However, remember that the animal must be socialized and is enough to approach the character of your family (including children, other animals, your personality and health ). Please call the shelter and make your life