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All dog breeds, the care and maintenance of puppy

In our catalog you will always be able to find any you are interested in all breeds of dogs.

Here are small breeds of dogs. which can easily be kept even in small apartments. Any hunter can find the right puppy, and in the future a faithful and reliable friend in the middle section of dogs.

For owners of country houses in the role of a security guard watchman and reliable are ideal large breed of dog. We hope that through our directory of breeds of dogs, you will be able to find one that is right for you and will become your trusted and loyal friend who will always answer with loyalty for your kindness, love and care.

This resource is updated daily with fresh information and new dog breeds.

One of the most popular and in demand today. This room – the dog is easy to adapt to any living conditions, well suited for keeping in a small apartment. Ideal for people with allergies because its coat is similar to hair does not cause allergic reactions.

It is considered the most versatile and a very smart breed. It will be a reliable guard and protector of the territory. Lends itself perfectly to training. No wonder representatives of this breed is used for service in the police, at the border, and many have become real movie stars.

The Shar Pei is a guard breed small srednegorja. Excellent guard dog, companion, good feels mood of the owner. The special feature of the breed is many folds on the body and head. This, seemingly sullen dog has a lively and cheerful character.

Very little decorative dog breeds. Looks like a fluffy ball of fur, but at heart this is a bold and thoughtful security guard. It can always amuse you and your children fun games and sonorous barking. Care his coat will require you a lot of time, but then it’s nice to see beautiful and well-kept pet.

Decorative doggie. She is a great companion for the elderly and for children. Very friendly, playful with a lovely temperament, she is a source of fun and always ready for fun. The nature of the pug, it is not more aggressive and is comfortable with different Pets, or other dogs.

Small decorative dog mini English bulldog. She is smart and brave. Always ready to come to the defense of the host. French bulldogs love funny face and a hilarious character. She purposely took to ensure that she amused and entertained others.

The smallest breed in the world. Many famous people and pop stars and movie I love this sweet Charmer. It allows you to care for yourself, to put on various outfits, and always looks at you with eyes full of love and devotion.

Room decorative dog. She resembles a little deer with big sad eyes. But let her look is not deceiving you, in the soul is Terrier, and the instincts of a hunter remind myself. There are two types, longhair and Shorthair.

Small size smooth coat dog. Their menacing and fat easily replace a guard, but in fact this affectionate and sweet dog. Trainable and does not tolerate screams and threats. For the maintenance of this breed need a well ventilated room, because they do not tolerate overheating.

Hunting breed. Loves the company of people, loves running and sports, needs daily long walks. Has a beautiful long coat that needs regular grooming.