Are you ready to have a pet?

Many of us dream to have a pet. Your little friend, that I can play with and who will always understand. You want to have your pet? Let’s check if you are really ready for this? Take this test and find out!

1. Before you have a pet, you need to think about where it will live. What are the conditions at your house?

  • We live in our own house, so we have a yard where pet can wander and frolic!
  • We have a fairly large apartment, place your pet will be enough!
  • The apartment is so small that someone from home will have to move out to be able to have a pet.

2. You love animals, but… if you have enough free time to take care of your pet?

  • I often have nothing to do, it would be nice to dedicate time to a pet.
  • Honestly, there is almost no time, I’m always somewhere to go, I really have many Hobbies and activities.
  • Though I have not much free time, but I miss the company of a little friend.

3. A pet is a family member, but what do you think about your home?

  • I think my mother almost had a stroke, she see me with a pet.
  • Unfortunately, mom and dad are allergic to the dander.
  • Red zone problems: parents love animals and they are willing to look after him in my absence.

4. A pet entails additional costs. Your family has the funds for this? (on this occasion, consult with your budget and with a parent, of course)

  • To be honest, I have almost no money so I have to ask for help from parents.
  • I don’t have to worry about these things, my parents are willing to bear these additional costs.
  • His food and medical care provided in the family budget.

5. The power pet is very important. You know what food, what food would suit your pet?

  • More or less, I think I still, just in case, is to consult with a veterinarian.
  • I’m counting on the help of the veterinarian and the clever books.
  • I have no idea what he eats and how often.

6. When choosing animal price is important, isn’t it?

  • I’m not worried about this, because I will give it friends or relatives.
  • I saved to buy a pet, and if suddenly will not suffice – dad will help.
  • The price is not so important, dad would pay as much as you want, as long as I was happy.

7. Who will walk your pet?

  • Think, mom or dad, I have almost no free time.
  • In different ways, sometimes me, sometimes someone from home.
  • Just me! After all, this is my favorite!

8. Did you ever watch your friends take care of Pets?

  • No, none of my friends are not allowed.
  • Yeah, well imagine how it’s done!
  • Yes, my friends have Pets, but I don’t know how they take care of them.

9. The little Prince in the book Saint-Exupery said “We are responsible for those we tamed”. Do you agree with this statement?

  • Not really, I think anyone can’t be tamed, the creatures of the earth free, and… to be honest I don’t like being responsible for something or for someone.
  • Of course, I agree! I think I’d make a great mistress to her pet.

Yes, I agree, but to be responsible for someone is a very responsible and difficult! I hope I can make it.