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Dog training in home

Dog training is one responsibility of owners towards their Pets and dog training at home is an exciting experience that brings the owner and his ward. Many novice dog owners mistakenly believe that their pet is the smartest and obedient by nature and no training they don’t need. But it is absolutely wrong point of view. Because education and training of dogs allows one to direct all the energy of the pet in the desired host channel, and gradual exercises will allow the dog to learn the commands of varying complexity.

Different dog breeds have different trainable. Some dogs “on the fly” grab skills developed, and other training given slow and difficult, but the exhaust is fixed and the material is deposited they have in mind firmly and permanently.

Begins training dogs at home with the complete understanding between you and your pet. And training must be implemented in stages, gradually moving from simple tasks to more complex. In order to develop the initial skills of obedience, enough to deal with him for 15-20 minutes a day. We must not forget that it can be a long tedious lessons. And when training your puppy, you should find out what your favorite treat to encourage your pet.

In three months,during walks, your baby will need to present distracting “factors” of the environment: ambient sounds, passing by people and animals, etc. After all, any new manifestation of the external world will affect the puppy as a distraction or intimidating factor. When training your puppy, while developing the next skill in the quality of the acting stimulus, you can use a light straightening of the leash and the pressure of the hand. And with the right implementation team should encourage pet with the exclamation “well done” “good.”

Dog training home in any case must not start with feeding the ward, because well-fed pet will not be much interested in a rewarding delicacy. But a hungry dog will not work as hard, detracting from the classroom in search of food.

In 4 months you can begin to overcome barriers with a maximum height of 1 meter. Essential in the process of teaching dogs not to overdo it with compulsion of taking the barrier, otherwise your kid will be afraid of him. In addition to the barrier, you can work out the hidden bone and start training portirovaniyu of the ball.

With puppies official rocks 5 months of age you can start training on prosecution and detention, as well as protection for things practicing the grip and distrust of outsiders. However, we should not forget that in 5-6 months your pet begin to change teeth and consequently to fulfil his grip carefully.

Of course, every owner decides for himself to train the dog yourself or take it to school, and also how many commands you need to know the pet. Although the top teams have to know any “decent” dog. Yes and you can’t get away from the fact that independent training of dogs in the home contributes to the achievement of full mutual understanding between the owner and his dog. Don’t forget that basic training is patience and positive emotions because the puppy is like a sponge will absorb all that comes from the master.