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Pets known to local residents

Pets in almost every family. They show character, everyone has their own habits,they are faithful and loyal, they become real friends of man, and many owners say about their Pets as full family members. The reporter decided to find out what animals were friends of famous people of Ulyanovsk.

SBV Deputy Vasily Gvozdev and his Labrador

“I am a dog lover, in the best sense of the word, I have all my adult life had dogs, and Labrador eve has become the fourth, she’s already 4 years with us. The breed was chosen deliberately, was good, affectionate dog, because children at home, a Labrador is a large hamster. Eva has been a member of the family, she loves children, plays with them, doesn’t bite, she likes doing with her. She’s a great child’s toy. When eve was just a little puppy, she chewed Slippers and ripped Wallpaper, and even the sofa, but over time it passed. Now children love to dress her up like a Christmas tree. Insert into clip-on earrings ears, wearing beads, a hat, and she walks around the house, each time in different outfits. This is always fun, interesting and amusing to watch. Although the disadvantages are also there, constantly flying hair, because of this we have often to knock the cleaner”.

Director of the theatre of fashion”Perfection” Olga Makarova and her Pets

“Since childhood I have always in the house had at least one cat. The first was my pet cat ginger, he walked me to kindergarten, and when I came home, went to meet mom. Then there was a cat muska, her dad picked up at the cottage. Keeping animals is a huge responsibility, and whenever an animal was dying from old age, we decided no one else to take. But they came to us themselves. Once we have at one time appeared the puppy and kitty. Interestingly, they were preparing to become mothers at the same time. When the cat was in labor, the little dog was so worried and whined nearby, and also litter. Together they raised their children, the cat gladly tossed the kids to the dog and quietly went to walk, kittens and puppies grow up together. In the winter came little three-colored cat, we got her. She still lives with us and her daughter and granddaughter, each in the house of his beloved master. Tricolor loves my husband, follows him everywhere, to the car fits, meets, her daughter loves my daughter and granddaughter picked me, anywhere near.

TV presenter Ekaterina MAZURAK and Fly

“In my understanding, the cat has always been affectionate animal that cures headache, loud purrs and sleeps on your lap. So I thought, until we got in the apartment is not lived a cat named Mucha. Quick, sometimes annoying, curious, rebellious, and completely manual. Herself. She, by the way, we even order teaches. Forgot the charger from the phone, clean – would be massacred. Catdog right! Even guests sometimes meets as a dog, watching them from the corner jumping and biting your feet. So we live with our wild but very favorite Fly”.

Marketer Nicholas zhiliakov, and his snail

“A year ago from classmates daughter learned about giant land snails. Allegedly the food is not picky, can live in typically the aquarium. Three days of searching the house and there is a new pet – a giant snail of Achatina. We named her from the Harry Slithered. Eats vegetables and dried shrimps. How funny is it crunchy, biting off small pieces of fresh cucumber! Probably, she lapped it up, from the appetite. Snail inactive, if the house is cool, all day she will sleep in his house. If the heat, and you forget to close the aquarium, the feats from it is not necessary to expect. The maximum that it is able to crawl the two feet to the nearest sheet of paper. Arriving, she immediately starts to eat him, the victims of Harry have become a piece of Wallpaper and a child’s drawing. Harry loves to swim. Once you bring it to the water flow as it is extruded or dip his head and horns”.

TV presenter Anton Nikitin and his cat

“The right choice – that’s exactly what I would call the story of our family General favourite cat, Dasha. Warm August evening in 2000, in Foca in the Park Matrosov over training, aerobics, girls went home. Watched a little grey kitten and seems to chose a mistress. The choice fell on my mom. Probably, kitty felt that this was a man with really good heart, but I had no idea that she also has a husband – the owner of the pet store. Here’s a winning ticket that night pulled a little tramp, and now a grown and very beautiful, though a little harsh cat”.

But environmentalist Dmitry Fyodorov’s “Pets” – Pets, plants, the most important favorite is the cactus, which they have been together for 30 years.