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Puppy care Yorkshire Terrier

You have a puppy Yorkshire Terrier

This is a joyous occasion, and it is necessary to prepare in advance. First you need to take care about the place where you will place the puppy. This must be the place is not on the walkway and not in the draft, the same should not be located near the battery. For puppies York best suited if the place will be fenced aviary, where you can leave your puppy in your absence and at night. This will protect your furniture and other things from the sharp teeth of the puppy and quickly taught him to poop in the same place. Now such volerchikah are sold in most specialized magazines for the sale of goods for animals. For the first time will be enough for 5-6 sections, which are installed on the floor, on the floor you can put a piece of carpet or flannelette blanket, put a diaper for toilet puppy and lounger, put on a little stand with two bowls – one for water and one for food. I use diapers size 60×90, they are sold at the regular human pharmacy, and very well fastened under the rack enclosure.

I recommend from the first day to leave your puppy alone, no need to take a vacation or weekend on the first stay in his house, so you will not spoil your puppy by its permanent presence in the future will avoid unnecessary concerts. In any scenario, you take the puppy to bed the first night, as he would not cry, unless of course you are not going further and spend the night with the dog in bed. On the first day the puppy would certainly miss the old house, mother and relatives. But no need to indulge his whims, when the time comes to sleep just put him in Leacock in his valerica and more to it did not come, if it’s cold you can put a heating pad in a towel zamochennoy in his lounger. Soon the puppy will calm down and fall asleep, during the night he has to Wake up and call someone to help, in any case, stay away from the puppy – you need to be patient just a night or two, and the puppy will get used to being alone and will take this for granted. The puppy must be a sufficient amount of toys than it can do while you are not at home.

Feeding the puppy can be three to four time to 5 months of age, then it should be reduced to three or two meals a day, and at 10 months feeding can be two single. You can stop your choice or natural or feeding by ready forages. I prefer to feed in the morning, the meat is scalded beef or chicken, and in the evening food. You can give during the day vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, Yorkies love them. Puppy for its good growth essential vitamins and minerals as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for proper growth of cartilage and bone. These feeding can be given with four to five months of age. With eight-month-old of age, you can start giving feeding for better growth and wool quality.

What you need to buy before you bring your puppy home.

1. Bench 2. Two bowls on a small stand and two spare bowls 3. Two or three latex toys, you can optionally of course 4 more. Valerchik (desirable) 5. Flannelette blanket to lay in the cage 6. Diaper 7. Food (pre-find out what food the breeder feeds) 8. Shampoo for puppies, air 9. Towel 10. The comb 11. Wire cutters for trimming the claws 12. Plastic basket No. 1 (Clipper)

Slippery floor in the apartment (parquet, laminate), it is better to lay a carpet, slippery floor is very dangerous for the ligaments.

Hygienic and beauty care

The tips of the ears should be relieved from wool, Not regularly, once every two weeks to remove the coat with 1/3 of the ear. Trim claws as needed every two weeks. It’s wise to wipe the fur around the eyes with a damp cotton swab. Trim the hair around the feet and between the toes, the legs looked neat, so I recommend to clip the fur around the anus. During the change of teeth growing body needs calcium and vitamin D, don’t forget to give it to the puppy. To bathe the puppy every two to three weeks, shampoo, and conditioner must be diluted with water. Be sure to dry the wool dryer after bathing.

If you have questions on housing, feeding, care and education please ask on the forum, I will answer.