Stars and their unusual Pets

The most popular and most unusual pet in Hollywood for a long time remained a pig of George Clooney Max. Max has lived at star master 18. George Clooney was very upset by the death of a pet in 2006, because Max was not just a pet – actor considered him a true friend. Hog repeatedly along with George Clooney on the TV show and parties. Max was a true giant – he weighed about 126 pounds. After the death of a pet actor even visited a medium to communicate with the spirit of max That’s really who loves exotic animals, so this is Dominic Monaghan, star of TV series “lost”. He lived at home spider Witchert, tropical snake-albino blinkundefinedAnyway, at her house lives an unusual company: parrot, Bengal and a small pig, Shakira wrote: “Meet my babies like rabbits”. The girl singer called la hembrita and el machito boy. Holly Madison, American model and actress, keep at home a ferret. The animal name is Nancy. Holly Madison takes pleasure in looking after the ferret. They say that with time star Pets become like their owners. Here Nancy and willingly posing for Photographers for a couple with the Holly Madison world champion on Boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson from his childhood he is fond of pigeons. And even now he did not give up his Hobbies and enjoy spending lots of time with their Pets, with the excitement of watching the high and sustained flight of its skaters and tipplers. In good times Mike in the loft there were more than 3 thousand birds, Chimpanzees, rescued by Michael Jackson in 1985 from a cancer research center in Texas, where monkeys were experimenting, traveled with the owner of half the world, and often participated in photo Shoots and, say, well imitated his moon walk. In the estate of Jackson Neverland they ate at the same table and slept in the same room where the Bubble was its own bed. Jackson even allowed a pet to use as his personal toilet. Famous sculptor Jeff Koons immortalized Bladder in sculpture, which was sold for 6.5 million dollars. Courtney Love has posted in his Twitter self-portraits with the turtle. Tori spelling took a dwarf goat at the animal shelter. In an interview with Tory repeatedly said that he loves his goat and finds her perfect pet: “She is just lovely – very small and so cute! She sleeps in our bed, follows me around the house like a dog, and it makes no dirt – all the things she celebrates on the streets, since day one”. However, tori’s husband, Dean of Mcdermont, not always shared the enthusiasm of the wife about the goat: “the Goat is still a goat, and keep her, in my opinion, you on a farm than in the house.” I must say, the house Dean and tori really reminiscent of a farm or a zoo – except goats, couples have a chicken named Coco, a lizard, several Guinea pigs and dogs.