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Stray attacking dogs.

Stray dogs for a long time are one of the urgent problems of our city. The attitude towards animals is different. Some people hate them and need to shoot, other pity, fed and go to the authorities with a request to create shelters for domestic Pets. In any case, from meeting with them are not insured as animal advocates, and those who hates them. And here the question arises, how to behave in a situation where you feel that the animals exhibit aggression to you?

Not prikarmlivat dogs!

In order to properly behave in case of aggression from the animal, it is very important to understand what provokes them to attack.

“As a rule, a large number of dogs accumulates in places where they are fed. This construction, garage cooperatives and courtyards, where there are “good” people who deliver them food. If you see that your neighbors shaggy strays, we talk with the good Samaritans and ask them not to do it, because often it is these bait are the source of all problems. Dogs begin to perceive the yard as their “trough” and, consequently, guarding it from intruders. Moreover, animals accustomed to the fact that they are fed, often run up to the man that appeared in “their” yard, waiting for”lunch”. And that in turn frightened, aggressive, and animals in response also begin to “unfriendly” to behave,” explained canine Alla Andreeva.

That is why, if you live in the area, where many homeless animals, it is advisable to take care of their security and to acquire, for example, a special pepper spray.

Try to avoid “conflict”

“If you see on the street of vagrant dogs, it is best to avoid them and not to pass by the pack. If you cannot do this, then go on the sidewalk very carefully, without sudden movements and exclamations. If the dogs are moving in your direction, then go a little faster. But in any case don’t run away. In such situations, often told to frighten the dogs with a sharp cry or picking up a stick. Both are contraindicated, so you only give them the signal to attack. To the loud sounds of the urban animals have long been accustomed, and a rod in your hands by animals as your aggression towards them,” warns the guard.

Ideal – throw toward the dog stone, a glass bottle or a clump of dried earth. The main thing – not to make sudden movements. To throw it is necessary so that the object fell right in front of the pack and missed every one of the animals, otherwise they’re sure to attack.

If you talk about the breeders, they often make the same mistake when in case of an attack of stray dogs take their pet to the hands. Thus, they provoke a shaggy homeless on the attack, as for them it becomes a matter of honor to reach out to your pet and bite him. Therefore, in the event of an attack on you while walking the dog follow all the recommendations above, and let the pet at this time standing next to you. Only seeing from afar a pack of dogs, remove in advance with his beast a muzzle to the dog in the “fight” could take care of himself.

If the animal is on you still went, not sparing, send him in the face all that is in your hands – bag, umbrella, jacket… ideally, if it would be something crisp, for example, a package. And quite good if this package will be with products. The dog will be distracted for a handout, and you will be able to leave.

“If the animal sprang, it is here to advise something pointless. Act according to circumstances. At such moments, even experienced breeders sometimes lose. I know a case when a pack of dogs attacked the woman-the cynologist, the owner of the breeding nursery of the Caucasian sheep-dogs. She was able to escape only thanks to his immense experience and understanding of what the different nuances of animal behavior. If she wasn’t a specialist, it might all end sadly. Therefore, people who are far from dog breeding, can only advise one thing – do not be lazy and circumvent stray dogs “on the perimeter”. These animals are unpredictable and they can now peacefully lie in the sun, but 15 minutes later to attack you,” advises Alla Andreeva.

“If you are bitten by a dog, as soon as possible contact with any the nearest trauma center. I strongly recommend to follow the advice of traditional medicine from the to clean the wound with soap or to perform any other manipulation. You will lose precious time and possibly make matters worse. All necessary procedures, including vaccinations and wound treatment, will doctors. In the case of animal bites and suspected rabies, you will be accepted in any emergency room regardless of where your residence and the presence or absence of medical insurance. Assistance will be provided to you absolutely free. And this applies not only serious wounds, but also those cases when the dog is just slightly scratched. Remember, rabies is a deadly disease transmitted through blood or saliva, and if you were attacked by a sick animal, even a tiny wound can become a source of infection,” – said the chief physician of the Ulyanovsk regional center of medical prevention Pavel Smirnov.