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Super smart animals

The main question of today’s article: who are the most intelligent animals on our planet. And we will try to answer it.

For starters, determine exactly who will we be considered animals. In everyday life, people somehow believe animals only four-legged terrestrial vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians or mammals). This is not quite correct, as science defines animals on grounds such as the opportunity to eat ready organic compounds and the ability to move. Although there are exceptions, there are immobile animals and fungi with plants-the parasites are capable of metabolizing organic compounds. Thus, the animals have a lot of organisms, such as mammals, fish, birds, insects, arachnids, various worms and even large number of different creatures. Man belongs to animal life, but almost always considered separately. Opredeleni with concepts, we move on. Many animals, especially Pets, amenable to varying degrees of training, depending on the development of the brain and its volume. For example, large dogs are more intelligent than smaller ones. The development of the brain depends on the area habitat. It is noticed that even small domestic dogs that need to think how to get food, much smarter than their big domestic brothers.

Worms, like most intelligent animals, show remarkable abilities

So British scientists, on one of the small Islands of the Malay archipelago, discovered an interesting kind of worm that is showing signs of intelligence. Now he can rightly be considered one of the most intelligent animals. on a par with rats. And those in order to procure, manage to do such tricks, but it is amazing.

Of course, the worms found still can not be compared with such highly developed animals like monkeys and dolphins. But that’s exactly what it is, yet. As long as they were in the closed little world of the island, their development was slowed down and was reduced to the most efficient ways of obtaining food. Faced with such an innovation, as scientists, the worms have already started to show the progress of his intellect. Well, if they get into the big world, who knows, maybe they were, to begin with, displace competitors, such as rats and mice, then, what the hell, I will undertake and for the people.

Judge for yourself. Worms are like being the smartest animals on the island, a quick study and after just a few workouts you start to understand what was expected of them. For example, raise my head to the sound of his name. And although the brain itself does them no, all information is stored in the nerve nodes that exist in each of the segments of their bodies. moreover, worms are quite large (up to 3 inches in diameter), the ganglia and their major. Therefore, they carry large amounts of information that are duplicated in each ganglion segments. It turns out to kill the memory of the worm, not enough to tear his head off, which is very fraught, as it is a predator and is very poisonous. Literally need to destroy each segment of his body.

Considering the fact that these worms communicate with each other and their offspring is already there, bringing all the experience accumulated by their parents, we get, at the moment, not that the smartest animal on the planet, but the most progressive for sure.