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The basics of proper feeding of a Labrador

Each period of life of a pet is characterized by a certain intensity of metabolic processes, consequently changing the qualitative composition of the diet. Do not feed the animal the same growing and aging, sick and healthy. In compiling the diet should be considered a physiological condition of the animal (age, pregnancy, lactation, physical activity, etc.), breed, housing conditions, duration of exercise, time of year etc.

Apart from his love and care, we need to give our little pet a proper care and a balanced diet, which is key to an active, healthy and long life. In the process of eating a dog, just like people receives necessary for normal functioning of the body nutrients. Only nutritional value of food offered by the owner of your pet, more rigid demands are made because the person provides itself with food and the dog eats only what offers to her master.

A list of products that give the dog CANNOT:

  • raw fish and fatty fish varieties (halibut, salmon, sturgeon, humpback salmon, chum salmon, sardines, trout, tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring);
  • fatty food cool meat broth, butter, caviar, sour cream, cheese found in big quantities, mayonnaise, cream;
  • smoked meat and fish products;

It is also not recommended too often to give the offal-liver, lung, kidney and heart, as they contain a defective protein contributes to sensitization of the organism and a large number of connective tissue.

Remember: only under condition of poor nutrition and walking, You can grow beautiful dog, don’t skimp on the food, please. The makings of a good inheritance received from parents, can be ruined by poor content, and poor diet, a lack or an excess of walks!

After the birth from the first minutes of life the puppy should suck mother. Colostrum is produced by mammary glands of females for the first 24 to 27 hours after birth, has a special composition and contains large amounts of protective antibodies that protect the newborn from diseases, this phenomenon is called kolostralnogo immunity.

Protective substances absorbed by the intestinal wall during the first 24 hours of life. Feeding on mother’s milk, puppies, usually up to 4 weeks fully supplied with all nutrients. But feeding the puppies solid food needs to start from the third week of life. A smooth transition from maternal milk to solid food is carried out gradually, over 10-14 days, and is called posleprodazhnogo period. A sharp transition to solid food provokes violations in the digestive system and delay growth.

A growing puppy need 2 times more energy than an adult dog. Transition to adult diets possible at the age of 8-12 months. An adult dog should receive food 2 times a day.

When done feed You need to consult with Your breeder, club, kennel, veterinarian.

For the puppy 1.5 month of the recommended daily value divide into 5-6 equal portions and feed Your schedule (rise time and bedtime) at regular intervals of time.

  • Up to 2 months of age feed soak boiled, warm water to constintely semolina, gradually moving to more solid food soaked.
  • With 2 months can be given dry food, but the transition should be gradual.
  • As soon as the puppy stops willingly have given food, number of feedings can be reduced to 4 times a day.
  • Then 3 times a day. On this schedule, it is advisable to stick to 1 year.
  • From 1.5 to 3-5 months (depending on the brand of feed) buy food for puppies.
  • Then up to 1 year food for juniors.
  • After a year you can give adult dog food.

Feed the puppy at a certain time, if he didn’t finish after 20 minutes, remove the bowl. If it is a natural food – you can put it in the refrigerator and at the next feed, offer the puppy, pre-heating to room temperature. Soaked dry food not stored.

It is better to feed the puppy after walking (if Your puppy already goes to the toilet outside). If he has not understood what for it to walk, and goes to the bathroom at home first, then food, then bring to the street (but only in the toilet instead of walking). Active walking is possible only after 1-1.5 hours. Do not feed too late and in large quantities at night, it will help to wait till the morning.

  • Water should always be fresh and in an accessible place.
  • It is advisable to feed the baby with a special rack that grows with him. The bowl should be at chest level, elbow of the dog.
  • Vomiting yellow or white foam mixed with grass, sticks, is a natural cleansing process of the stomach from excess mucus.


Depends on activity, age, individual characteristics of Your dog. For some, the norm-2 feeding a day, for others-4, there are dogs that eat once a day. The amount of food is also different, even dogs of the same breed. Be sure to consider the body of Your pet. If he is healthy, active, has a shiny coat and clear eyes, so the food problem is solved for You. Stick to one menu, not changing it for a new one. Too dry and prepared feeds. If Your dog is in good shape consuming a certain food, don’t need to change it. Even if someone will abuse Your feed and praise your.

The choice of food need to consult your veterinarian or the head of Your club, kennel.

Approximate ration of natural feeding.