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The training of dogs

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The majority of dog owners are turning to dog trainers for services on training, I would like to count on a good or even excellent results of cooperation with experts. Therefore I propose to understand how to achieve maximum efficiency of dog handlers for You. We will focus on the formation of various forms of behavior of the dogs for real life, and so that the results of dog training completely satisfy the individual needs of specific people – the owners of the dog.

In order to ensure the high efficiency of dog training the dog Whisperer-animal psychologist should be able to grasp all the nuances of the process, and this means that his attention during class should be submitted on one dog with the owner (owners). That is, the maximum effectiveness of training provide only individual lessons with a cynologist.

Suppose You need the services of a dog handler-zoopsychology. First you need to call the specialist and tell him in General terms what You would like to receive as a result of cooperation, to ask questions and answer his. With this You get a preliminary consultation, i.e. canine to start wwedivas in.

However, the information obtained by the specialist from You on the phone usually has a very General character. Therefore, in order to be able to provide real help, the dog Whisperer-animal psychologist needs starting from the first class to analyze the peculiarities of the psyche of Your dog, evaluate the whole situation, including the characteristics of the relationship of the owners with the dog. It is the first lesson on cooperation with the specialist becomes the subject and the dog’s behavior and the situation in General begin to change accordingly. First, the installation class training is especially important for dog owners because they get fundamental information about the peculiarities of the psyche of your dog, about training methods, style of work of the cynologist-zoopsychology, and the outcomes that will be achieved in the learning process. The handler should thoroughly discuss all the important issues with clients, seeking to maximize the transparency of cooperation and taking responsibility for the quality of their work. Starting from the first class are formed intensively working relationship dog owners and instructors, and the dog’s behavior begins to change from day to day accordingly. Since it is assumed to form stereotypical behavior of the dog for real life, the technique of training should be designed for this purpose, as well as dog training should be carried out in conditions close to those that will be encountered in reality, and even better just in real conditions, for example, on walks! By the way, all sorts of distractions in this case are a necessary part of the process of training dogs for real life.

Generally, in global terms, the effectiveness of the dog training depends on the following aspects of the design process.

  • Methodical maintenance of process of training. Should be used effective method of training, which is individually adapted to the peculiarities of the psyche of the dog and the situation as a whole to address specific tasks, and for this you need a good trainer-handler, possessing the necessary personal qualities, education and experience. In this case, the handler-animal psychologist must also possess the methods of teaching the necessary knowledge and skills for the dog owner.
  • Making the process of training. For the implementation of methodological support is required: – quality working relationship between the trainer-cynologist and dog owner, is that the owner’s willingness and ability to train a dog, -the necessary individual qualities of the dog.

If these basic conditions are available, the dog owner can be sure in high efficiency of process of training under the supervision of a dog handler, and a clear positive trend in reaching the desired results will be observed from the first day of regular classes for the dog.