Tips for safety of Pets

With the help of modern solutions (protection for electrical outlets, locks for lockers and so on) today, you can easily make your home safe for children. But what about our furry and feathered family members? The safety of dogs, cats and other Pets is also important. Creating a safe environment for Pets does not require great efforts from us.

1. Collars

The first step to ensuring the safety of your pet may be a collar with your contact information. A collar or a microchip is the easiest way to ensure that a lost pet get back home if you run away or get lost while traveling. Smart collars can track the activity levels of your pet, to monitor the performance of their activity, track their location and can even help you to train their teams.

2. Evaluation of security level of your home

Evaluate your home, room by room, to determine the level of safety for your pet. Do you have highly placed potentially dangerous objects that can fall on your pet? Are there any wires that he can chew? Running electrical wires under rugs or behind furniture, Pets will not be able to reach them and gnaw them.

In many cases, to not worry about the safety of Pets in any room, the best option would be to ograniczenie them when you are not able to follow them. Dogs and cats can restrict access to the room by using special gratings or simple door closing.

3. Keep track of your Pets

To monitor Pets when you are not home, you can use the security system. Many modern home security systems are equipped with cameras that can transmit images and videos straight to your mobile device or computer. Thus, throughout the day you can check on your pet. Depending on the system you have chosen, in the case of burglary, fire, gas leak or other emergency you will be warned and will be able to quickly respond and save your pet. Security motion sensors that are installed around the perimeter of your property, alerts you if the animal tries to escape.

4. Fit to ensure comfort and safety

The installation of thermostats in climate control will help keep your house a certain temperature, this will affect the efficiency and the comfort and safety of your pet. In hot weather you’d never leave your pet in the car, so why risk leaving him alone in a stuffy house? Automatic doors allow your pet to go out and go back in the house, when they would need – thus eliminating the opportunity to climb into the house the intruders.

5. Planning and preparation

Make sure your plan of action in case of emergencies also includes rescue furry family members. First aid kit tailored to the needs of a pet can help you save your pet’s life if you will not be able to go to the vet. If you want to learn more about how to care for the health of your pet, the Red Cross and other organizations offer information on first aid of animals.

Your pet is part of your family, and your duty is to ensure his safety, regardless of whether you are beside him or not.