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Undemanding pet

What is the most undemanding pet for the content? If you have asked yourself this question, we must first think: “What does the animal do you need?”. If you decide to have undemanding pet due to time constraints, he, in this case, will be lonely, and living together will bring great joy to you or your pet.

If you still resolved and it remains only to choose a pet, then this article is designed to help in this difficult question.

So, the most undemanding pet:

Guinea pig . Pretty undemanding animal – for him the main thing that was clean in the cage, satisfying, light and spacious. Guinea pig you don’t mind. But, you need approximately 2 times a week to clean the cage of the beast, in time to feed and water the pig (animal feed readily available in any pet shops), to care for the coat of the animal (especially pigs with long hair), sometimes playing with him – actually, a Guinea pig, you can leave one on all day, without any consequences. Also in the cage an animal should receive enough day light, relative to the size of a cell we can say that the content of 2-3 animals enough cells 100*50 cm plenty more to know about choosing a Guinea pig, care for it… but that’s a topic for another article.

Hamster — the following is an undemanding pet. The degree of”picky” is close to Guinea pigs. I want to note some features of the care of this animal. You also need to regularly feed, water, cleaning the cage or aquarium to meet approximately 1-2 times in two weeks. But the area that serves as a toilet to clean daily in order to “hamster” smell does not spread around the apartment. The pantry hamster (hamsters divide their living area into sectors – toilet, bedroom, pantry) should not be removed and disposed of all stocks of animal very often, unless of course they are not spoiled. Because it can harm the nervous health of the animal. Worrying about their stocks, and the hamster will be nervous to run around the cage with food for the cheeks in order to find a more secluded place for a pantry.

The pygmy rabbit . This animal can also be attributed to the category of undemanding Pets. Rabbits are intelligent and affectionate animals, trainable, thus take a lot of pleasure to the owners. Since the rabbit is a nocturnal creature, the main activity he manifests with the onset of darkness. Therefore, it is necessary to release from the cage in the evenings, you can also give take a walk around the apartment in the morning, when you are going to work. Of course, it is necessary to provide safe space for walking your pet because the rabbit can sometimes become naughty and invent a game using the objects within his reach (balls, boxes, Newspapers, magazines), it is possible that this game you won’t like. Food and other adaptations for content to easily be purchased at a pet store.The kennel needs to be clean. Uneaten food should be removed daily, litter in an animal house once a week, the litter in the other bright parts of the cell get through the day. Tray that serves as a toilet for an animal, also clean daily, as the rabbit will refuse to walk in it and leave a bunch next. Wash the cage with hot water, for disinfection use potassium permanganate. The rabbit will most likely not like the smell of other cleaners.During molting comb the fur of the animal. The rest of the rabbit itself takes care of the cleanliness of his skin. Once every three weeks to trim rabbit claws. Thus, the fundamental rules for the content of rabbit is the contents of the cell are clean, communication with pet, providing opportunities to explore the apartment, timely feeding. Here’s a small list about what is the most undemanding pet . Other animals, I think, require much more attention and care.