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Unusual Pets

In our world it happens that brothers are born not such as all others. Our Mother Nature seems to be everything, but here there are failures.

It concerns and animals, and us people. Just as there are extraordinary people with disabilities, and unusual Pets.

I have already touched the theme about animals with disabilities. been given their injury most often our fault. But I would like to tell us more about the Pets who came into our world not quite normal.

In America for several years, lives an ordinary cat Janus with two heads. It is quite normal and cute pet, except for having two cute muzzles. He prefers to feed only one mouth, and meow maybe both!

Two-headed Janus cat

By the way, in St. Petersburg, recently born kitten like a Second Janus. Fiery ginger kid with two heads, the mother cat refused to feed, but the owners themselves took up the case and want it to grow.

Adorable gray kitten Lazarus has not been able to find loving owners and his home. He’s good at everything, only he was born with a face like a vampire:

The Handsome Lazarus

And cat Lil Bub became an Internet star, and soon going to star in a big movie. It does not matter what size she is with the kitten, eye-bulging,and the tongue always sticking out. Kitty’s short lower jaw, she can’t meow, she doesn’t have teeth, and on their feet – extra fingers. And yet this is a happy cheerful pet that the owners simply love.

Pussy Lil Bab

In China the owner of the farm the pig was born without hind legs. The farmer’s wife thought it was a bad omen and insisted to get rid of unusual animal. Only the owner didn’t give it to do, and taught a pig to walk on his front paws. Now she has become the toast of the village.

Two-legged pig

Such unusual Pets live in our planet.

And in conclusion, I would like to tell more about the dog faith, who was born at the end of 2002 in the United States without front paws. In the American family Stringfellow faith appeared thanks to his son, who pitied the poor animal and brought it into the house.


Veterinarians offered to euthanize the puppy and claimed that he will never be able to move fully. But the family of Stringfellow acted differently. For six months they taught faith to walk on their hind legs.

Two legs

And now with the hostess she travels around the country, speaking at schools, hospitals, other public places and inspires people with disabilities without hands or feet, to overcome their ailments.

Mistress with her dog

After all, faith is a vivid proof that life is beautiful and amazing, and that you have not experienced, you need to enjoy every its moment.

Unusual dog faith

For such an optimistic example of how this delivers the extraordinary dog of the American military with severe injuries, she was awarded the rank of Sergeant of the U.S. army.