The cat is tearing up furniture and walls.

I’ve been reading this site for a long time, but I still haven’t registered. Since I do not consider myself either an experienced cat owner or a veterinary guru.
My personal tragedy prompted me to take this step. But about everything in order. I apologize in advance for the big post, but this is the result of my desperation.
Since childhood, she idolized cats. But I could only communicate with them at my grandmother’s in the village. I always had a special relationship with the cats, and what is important-mutual. But parents have always been against any pet larger than a hamster, and outside of the cage.
It is not surprising that my first day of independent life began with the search for a kitten. I was completely indifferent to the breed, origin, etc. I just needed a CAT. My then-future husband had the temerity to promise to help in this matter. And since it was the Saturday before Easter, the mission was almost impossible – the bird market was empty, there were no suitable acquaintances with kittens, and there was no Internet either. The poles, or rather the ads on them, were used. So I became the owner of Blondie. Cute kitty, Himalayan Persian extreme. She has been living with us for 11 years. This is an ideal representative of the cat family in apartment conditions – calm, OBEDIENT (in large letters), very clean, balanced, well-mannered, and I will not be afraid of this word, an IDEAL cat. How perfect, I realized later, with the appearance of HIM in our lives.
But I wanted a second cat. My husband didn’t mind. This time, I decided to take a balanced approach in choosing a breed. I read a lot, we went to exhibitions. But it’s not like that. And then I drifted into hybrid breeds. and I was gone.
Morning, I wake up, I remember that today is my birthday. Why did I wake up so early? What sounds? On the threshold of the bedroom is the husband with a bouquet of flowers and a carrier in his hands. Here is the source of these sounds. I still don’t understand. There HE IS-a kitten, a boy, a Chausie F1.
From the first few minutes in our house, as soon as he got out of the carrier, he behaved as if he had lived with us forever. First to the toilet – unmistakably in the tray, have a snack, drink, and in bed with me, purr in my ear, lick my face, and sweetly fall asleep next to me. From the first day, he only sleeps with me at night. Very quickly, he became friends with the children. Together they formed a real gang. Crazy ball games, catch-ups, treacherous ambushes, and after all, lying on the couch in front of the TV. Walking on a harness in the yard and catching butterflies in a flower bed. He became a real friend, almost a dog, which my eldest son dreamed of so much.
The only sad thing was that the relationship with our cat did not work out. She accepted his appearance without a murmur. But she is very calm, and he is a shilopop. He wanted to play with her, and she saw it as an attack on her identity. Considering the size difference. however, he always went around with his ears pulled up. Over time, they learned to live side by side, but not together. And I feel guilty for ruining the smooth flow of my Blondie’s life. But in addition to the beautiful wild appearance and incredible affectionate and sociable, there were also unpleasant bonuses + a very wayward character. We have accepted, we have accepted everything. With the fact that when any insect appeared in the room out of nowhere, the entire universe was loaned to the existence of IT-the hunter, and the prey. The flowerpots were used up ( by the way, my hobby was. ), curtains, vases. With the fact that in the aquarium (again,our family hobby) also lived his prey. The equipment and the aquarium itself were repeatedly damaged. With the fact that the toilet paper should be safely hidden. With the fact that you can not leave bags, bags, backpacks, cardboard boxes (even from pizza), books in the field of reach – everything will be pissed. With the fact that by and large he only goes to the bathroom, how much I did not fight. And for the needs of a small one, we have 4 trays. With the fact that any shoes left outside the closet will be ruined. We accepted it, and learned to live with it. Sometimes, we would leave. At this time, we asked someone (either my mother or mother-in-law) to stay with us in order to look after the animals. Ramses survived the outsiders with maniacal sophistication. For example, I would throw 20 pots with flowerpots from the windowsill at the same time, open the closet, choose the things of a stranger, and in the morning, no boots, no bags, no jackets – just scraps. biting my legs at night, keeping me awake. But with our return, he was becoming a darling again.
But the real nightmare began when I went on vacation with the children, and my husband stayed at home with Ramses. He took her husband for a stranger. He began to hiss at him, waving his paws, despite the fact that his husband feeds him, plays with him every day from the very beginning. And then he started shitting on the couch, on the bed. My husband did not scold him, he cleaned everything, hid it, and waited for our return. Upon arrival, everything was fine for a few days. And then it started again. The number one preference area was the sofa. Once a day, you need to piss on the sofa, then he can safely be in his company and go to the tray. I reread a lot of information, including all the topics on this site. 1. we have 4 trays – bentonite filler, fresh step,selikagel, empty (the most favorite) + bathroom-all the trays are cleaned immediately after the visit, 2. examined by a veterinarian-healthy as a horse 3. tried all the educational methods: – a piece of paper with urine in the tray and long explanations-praised for each visit to the tray with delicious food and words, scolded for each visit to the sofa-grabbed by the scruff, hissed (based on the article “my cats do not mark”), glavkosh recognizes me unconditionally. Instantly reacts to the commands “no”, “come here”, after Skoda, sags with a rag when I take it by the scruff of the neck. Without a murmur, he lets me cut my claws, clean my ears, blow dry, comb my hair, but only for me. In the grooming salon, without me, they can’t do anything with it at all. – sprays, repellents, tinctures, double-sided tape, foil, tin cans with coins-they mean nothing to him , – from hopelessness, already poked her nose into his affairs. I came to the conclusion that he understands everything, so you can not do it. BUT it keeps doing it! – at the time of departure (coincidentally), I decided to limit it in space. For a week I lived in the kitchen, regularly visited the stalls. After it got even worse, I started pissing with a vengeance. Not just the sofa, but all the beds. – I tried to limit it in a separate room – I did everything around, – I bought a cage, the apocalypse began. He stayed there one night. The fact that he turned everything over and gutted it is nonsense. He decided that he was fighting for his life. Imagine my condition, in the morning the cat is not recognized. The muzzle is completely swollen,the eyes are not visible, this is how he tried to squeeze it between the bars. The pads of his forelegs had been rubbed all over with blood, and everything he could reach was smeared with it – the walls, the bed, the cage, the tray. Just a horror movie. I couldn’t stand it, so I exiled him to the bathroom. He’s been living there for a week now, and I let him out for a walk under supervision. But it is only necessary to gape, does the sofa and immediately hides.
All this time, scandals do not subside at home, as several sets of blankets and pillows were thrown out, and chemical treatment was done several times. cleaning the sofa and mattresses. Twice he peed on the sleeping child. The breeder throws up his hands.. Offers either to endure, or to find him good hands that will be willing to endure such swinishness, for the sake of owning such an animal (that’s just where to find such.). The husband insists on giving it back. And I can’t make up my mind. Because I know that they are attached to one person, and for life. They will not accept another person. And I think it would be a betrayal on my part. And the children are very attached to him. And I love him very much. And on the other hand, I also have no right to condemn the whole family to live in constant pissing and stinking. So far, we have agreed that we are trying to re-educate ourselves with a life in the bathroom. Success is questionable. While writing the post, he ruined the washing machine.
I will be grateful for any advice and comments!